Flight Date: 12/06/2022

Departed From: Thunder Bay, Ontario (CYQT)
Overnighting at: Thunder Bay, Ontario (CYQT)
Fuel Stop(s): n/a
Distance Flown: 0NM
Flight Time: 0hrs

What schedule?

Well… we were ahead of schedule but we are not supposed to be in a hurry…last I checked “travel by air, time to spare” is still true.

The ‘current’ weather this morning for our next fuel stop (Timmins, ON) was 300 OVC at approach minimums of 250 ft AGL. Technically, we could have legally made it if conditions did not deteriorate. The forecast also had the center of the low pressure system (with embedded thunderstorms) just to the east of Timmins and west of Chapais (the 2nd planned fuel stop of the day). This meant we weren’t going to go any further than Timmins. We decided to stay put and enjoy Thunder Bay for the day.


Accomplishments for the day:

  • woke up (after a horrible night due to noise from rambunctious teenagers at the Vahalla Inn near the airport);
  • moved to the Delta hotel at the waterfront (which had been sold out the night before);
  • went to the airport to
    • re-arrange the luggage;
    • go through emergency equipment and placement in the aircraft for over-water operations;
    • topped up the oxygen tanks at the Bearskin Airlines hangar (now part of Perimeter Aviation) – thanks to Jacob for spending an hour with us helping to find the right fitting and driving around the airport;
    • checked the tire air pressures;
  • had a nice patio lunch at the Thunder Bay marina;
  • watched the new Top Gun movie! What a blast!!



Nothing more to add – see post.

Special Remarks

Sunday… fun day!

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