Flight Date: 25/07/2022

Departed From: Bergen, Norway (ENBR)
Overnighting at: Reykjavik, Iceland (BIRK)
Fuel Stop(s): Vagar, Faroe Islands (EKVG)
Distance Flown: 765NM
Flight Time: 5.8hrs

Welcome back… to Iceland!

Our day started like a typical Monday in Bergen … the world was crying… it was raining and looked miserable outside the window. Both Raymond and I were not looking forward to flying today.

Nevertheless. by 9am we were at the airplane – but we only took off at 2pm in the afternoon… what happened?

Well – we got very lucky to experience a real small airplane ferry adventure here in Bergen… “NO CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED”. These were the words on the screen of the payment terminal at the AVGAS fuel pump in Bergen.  Which meant we couldn’t fill up the plane with the required fuel to get to Vagar or anywhere safely with enough reserves. Within a few hours, Raymond and I made around two dozen phone calls to find an avgas pump that would accept credit cards… many of them unanswered..

Eventually, a private jet left and the staff attending to it circled around the Bonanza to find out why it hadn’t moved in all the time they were turning the jet around. Kenneth helped us connect with a R44 pilot that have a Shell Aviation fuel card and we paid him back through GA Partners to his flying club. Yay!

The subsequent two flights were uneventful. Our Bergen IFR departure was the most exciting one with the low ceilings. The first flight to Vagar was flown at 6,000 ft in view of the lower freezing levels expected near Vagar. We cruised mostly between layers until 100 nm before the Faroe Islands.

The second leg from Vagar to Reykjavik was flown in VMC on top at 14,000 ft.


METAR Bergen, Norway (ENBR): 400SCT, 600BKN, -SH No METAR in Vagar METAR Reykjavik, Iceland (BIRK): 1500SCT, 2700BKN

Special Remarks

A big thanks to Kenneth from GA Partners and the R44 pilot in Bergen to help us getting AVGAS!

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