Flight Date: 10/06/2022

Departed From: Pitt Meadows (CPYK)
Overnighting at: Medicine Hat (CYXH)
Fuel Stop(s): n/a
Distance Flown: 469NM
Flight Time: 2.6hrs

We launched… and…conquered the Rockies!

An early start… ahead of schedule…

We were (and still are) anticipating thunderstorms over the Prairies on Saturday (tomorrow) afternoon. Therefore, we decided to leave the coast half a day early and get a head start.









Do we go at 15,000 … 17,000 or 21,000 ft? That was the question before departure. The FSS weather briefer told us that cloud tops would be 12,000 ft but growing to 18,000 ft later in the evening. We decided on 15,000 with the option to climb if needed. DEP ATIS: D, 2992, 070@5, 2200 SCT, 3500 BKN DEST ATIS: J, 2969, 220@13G20, 27C, 10000FW, 20000BKN

Special Remarks

Nothing special to note. Smooth sailing at 15,000. No turbulence until we descended over the prairies into Medicine Hat.

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