Flight Date: 13/06/2022

Departed From: Thunder Bay, Ontario (CYQT)
Overnighting at: Chibougamau/Chapais, Quebec (CYMT)
Fuel Stop(s): Timmins, Ontario (CYMT)
Distance Flown: 596NM
Flight Time: 4.3hrs

Two steps closer…

Now we don’t only have the low pressure system to our east that is moving ever so slowly further east. We also have a low pressure system coming from the west. Time to move!

Sandwiched between the ‘lows’ we nearly covered 600 NM. From one crappy weather area to sun and nice summer cumulus/puffy clouds and back to crappy.


CYQT ATIS: 3500 OVC, 9C, R12, 070@9, 20SM CYTS ATIS: 1200 FW, 4000FW, 130@7, 15SM CYMT ATIS: 3300 SCT, 6500 OVC, 290@6 Enroute was mostly VMC on top of cumulus clouds. In our departure and arrival we each time went through the cloud deck. Freezing level was at 10000 ft. We flew 7000 from Thunder Bay to Timmins and 11 to 15000 ft from Timmins to Chapais.

Special Remarks

Ah Bonjour Quebec!

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