Flight Date: 11/06/2022

Departed From: Medicine Hat, Alberta (CYXH)
Overnighting at: Thunder Bay, Ontario (CYQT)
Fuel Stop(s): St-Andrews, Manitoba (CYAV)
Distance Flown: 853NM
Flight Time: 5.5hrs

The Prairies to the Great Lakes

This was our first full day…

In the planning phase, Raymond and I agreed on flying not much more than 6hrs/day and legs not much longer than 3hrs. I must say that was a great idea because I am very tired after 4.7hrs of air time (5.5 total flight time) today. We crossed the prairies with one special stopover in St-Andrews to meet with Gil. He flew in with his beautiful 1976 Cessna Cardinal RG II. We had a great lunch together. Thanks Gil! 🙂

After that, we continued on to Thunder Bay. We arrived there at 6pm… way past beer-o-clock!

Accomplishments today:

  • meeting up with Gil!
  • crossing the Prairies which is an area notorious for afternoon thunderstorms during the summer;
  • tested my oxygen mask (needed for flights >18,000ft) and fixed a mic problem;
  • 1 leg / 2 hrs ahead of our original plan (which was to stay in the Winnipeg area on June 11th). Note that this can quickly change due to any weather or other interruptions (i.e. sightseeing).



Overall, we were in VMC conditions on top of cumulus clouds mostly at 13,000. We did go up to 14,000 on one occasion to clear clouds. ATIS Medicine Hat: B, 190@3, R21, 30SM, 11000 SCT, 18000 BKN ATIS St-Andrews: C, 100@9, 12SM, 9700 BKN ATIS Thunder Bay: R, 100@8, R12, 20SM, 4100FW

Special Remarks

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