Flight Date: 18/06/2022

Departed From: Narsarsuaq, Greenland (BGBW)
Overnighting at: Reykjavik, Iceland (BIRK)
Fuel Stop(s): Reykjavik, Iceland (BIRK)
Distance Flown: 670NM
Flight Time: 3.6hrs

ICELAND!!! Yeehaw!

We are getting closer…

The weather in Narsarsuaq this morning (do I need to say more?):

Well, the forecast that we already saw on Thursday was that there would be a good weather ‘window’ to escape Greenland and go straight to Reykjavik. Unbelievable but true, this weather window was there just as forecast 2 days ago.

The “go” decision was made based on:

  • Freezing level up at 10,000 ft with one spot at 6-7000 ft in the last 1/3th of the crossing;
  • A healthy tailwind of 30 kts average;
  • Good weather forecast at the destination;
  • AND, good weather at our departure airport in case we wanted to return.

What’s even better, we planned on leaving by 2pm but were going to meet in the hotel lobby by 1pm. The hotel didn’t charge us for a late checkout or extra night and I completed my “business strategy” exam. Yay! I am back on track with the curriculum as well.

Departure time… (extreme VFR):


Happy faces… “land in sight”!

We can watch the Bonanza from our hotel. 🙂

At dinner, we met up with our friends Andrew and Faye from Vancouver. Their daughter ‘Addie’ (Adeline) was in the same class as my daughter Charlotte last year.


It looked pretty dire this morning… low ceilings and rain (see pictures in the post). The forecasted opening came.. at noon and we were planned to leave by 2pm. Reported weather, in Narsarsuaq: SKC in Reykjavik: FW2600, QNH1020, T11C,R31, 300@14

Special Remarks

Great to meet Andrew and Faye from Vancouver in our hotel!

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