Flight Date: 19/06/2022

Departed From: Reykjavik, Iceland (BIRK)
Overnighting at: Wevelgem-Kortrijk International, Wevelgem (EBKT)
Fuel Stop(s): Egilsstadir, Iceland (BIEG) and Wick, Scotland (EGPC)
Distance Flown: 1263NM
Flight Time: 7.6hrs

Arrived report EBKT!

Apologies for the delayed report. The recovery from the impromptu hangar party upon arrival took a bit longer than expected…

After a long day, we made a last-minute decision to continue given the weather was looking nice enough over the channel (Noordzee). We arrived Sunday night 2mins before the closing at 9 pm of the Wevelgem airport. Thanks to the airport police for staying a bit longer to check our passports and clear us into ‘Schengen’ territory!

That morning, we had departed Reykjavik as soon as possible since worse weather was coming in from the West. First we flew to Egilsstadir (BIEG) located in a beautifully green valley that was carved out by a glacier many many years ago. This airport was the furthest east in Iceland and about 100 nm closer to Wick. Perfect for making the over-water time shorter.


Arrival/Approach into Wick airport. Note the windsock upon landing.. it was stiff winds (20kts), cold and miserable weather down there. We knew it was sunny on top of the clouds, so after customs & refueling we made sure to be back up there fast.

The Wick airport FBO “Far North Aviation” is a ‘happy place’ for many of the most famous ferry pilots. The business is located in the old ‘WWII’ control tower. Great location and view on the field.


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