"We have the Controls!" Take a backseat and enjoy the ride.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a long-time aircraft owner or contemplating your very first purchase. As a pilot, you’ve probably clued in on one critical thing by now: safely moving a plane from one location to another while avoiding logistical pitfalls is challenging, to say the least. 

Between securing adequate insurance coverage, adhering to rigorous cross-border regulations, and formulating efficient flight schedules (all while grappling with the whims and wiles of weather forecasts), there’s a lot to handle before ever actually turning the key in the ignition. A single misstep could result in significant delays, added out-of-pocket expenses, and, in extreme cases, potential safety threats.

That’s why we created our full-service ferrying package to help you easily get your plane where it needs to be, whether you’re:

  • Hesitant to handle an unfamiliar aircraft;
  • Nervous about moving a recently acquired plane through rough terrain;
  • Unable to fly due to lack of required skills or training;
  • Unacquainted with international import and export procedures such as for USA/Canada cross-border trips; or
  • Legally prohibited from flying a newly purchased vehicle due to registration or insurance.

As a team with firsthand experience owning planes, we have a deep understanding of the love and care that goes into making sure one functions smoothly and reaches its full life span. 

You – and your airplane – will be in good hands.

Our Story

Flying and serving the aviation community is our passion. Our clients give it purpose!

It all began in Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, where the joint ownership of a Cessna Cardinal formed a friendship between two future business partners, Geoff and Mark. 

Thanks to extensive experience in the industry, both were well acquainted with the challenges other pilots faced when relocating their planes between destinations, such as lack of time, unfamiliarity with flight routes, and incomplete training requirements. They quickly recognized an opportunity to leverage their skills and passion to support those who could benefit from having trusted professionals tackle the turbulence of moving their planes.

When Canadian Ferry Pilots Inc. formally came to life in 2021, its purpose was simple,  resolute, and rooted in a fondness felt for fellow pilots everywhere: to wholeheartedly serve the aviation community through integrity, professionalism, and accountability.

Meet the Founding Pilots

Geoff, BBA, CCLP, CPL (Partner)

Geoff is a certified logistics professional, former flight instructor, entrepreneur, and operator specializing in management, customer service and logistics coordination. He holds TC and FAA Commercial/Instrument certificates for single and multi-engine land and sea airplanes and has over 30 years of aviation experience in Canada’s mountainous West Coast.  A former experimental aircraft owner and having flown his RV4 coast-to-coast, Geoff is a seasoned tailwheel pilot and highly familiar with experimental cross-country operations. 

Mark, MSc, CPL (Partner)

Mark is an accomplished engineering professional with more than 15 years of experience designing and implementing products for large-scale companies. He has an extensive industrial background, including a publication in interfacing a flight simulator with a primary flight display. Mark has flown across Canada and the United States to rendezvous with friends and associates for over a decade. As an instrument rated commercial pilot, he has mastered his way around nearly every type of cross-country terrain imaginable.

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